Rihanna releases “James Joint”, More details here! @Rihanna


Rihanna started 4/20 early by gracing us with a interlude from her new album “James Joint” on 4/21. Her album is rumored to be R&B inspired and with this interlude its quite obvious this is true.

The single begins with a soft mix of jazzy undertones and Rihanna singing the lines “I’d rather be smoking weed whenever we breath every time you kiss me / don’t say that you miss me, just come get me.” Do these lyrics pertain to an old love interest? We cant say for sure, but speaking of celebrity’s all celebrity’s are pro blogs now and you can check out the full version on her blog or clicking the link here.

As if this wasn’t enough she also was on the cover of V magazine this week showing skin, and talking about her new single. She explained how she loves the interlude and is excited for her album to come out. If only she knew just how excited we were. For now we will have this interlude on repeat and wait for what we believe will be a highly impressive album.