RuPaul Crowns America’s Next Drag Superstar on the Season 10 Finale (Exclusive)

We were at the #DragRace Season 10 Finale event in New York City the night of the big reveal to chat with the top four finalists!

Courtesy photo

Kameron Michaels

CS: After going through this competition, what is some advice you might want to give your younger self?

Kameron Michaels: “Advice to my younger self would be to… keep your head up! You know you’re going to have a hard time for a really long time and you’re not going to feel like you belong in the world, but just know to keep going. That’s an important thing to tell to a lot of my fans too that are sending me messages that life is really hard and the theme of a couple of years ago was “it’s gets better” and it really does! That’s would I would say, it gets better, just stick it out.”

CS: There has definitely been a progression and you can say it’s one of the best season of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Can you tell one of your favorite memories from the competition?

Kameron Michaels: “My favorite memories… it’s tough to say, but a lot of the stuff that happened off camera. A lot of the stuff doesn’t get shown on TV, so a lot of the sisterhood that happened you don’t get to see on the show. The van rides, off-set lunch and dinner, and just getting to hang out and get to know each other – that was probably my favorite moment of the season.”

CS: Who do you think deserves to win this competition?

Kameron Michaels: “I would love to say myself because I am personality-wise a new type of queen that I feel like a lot of people relate to, but also a lot of people don’t understand. And it’s a personality type that gets looked over a lot. I learned a new term the other day, it’s called ambivert and that is someone who is introverted but has extroverted tendencies and they have a switch that can turn on and off. So I would say me, but all the other girls deserve it. Even behind top 4, girls that went home two, three episodes ago – we all worked really hard to get here so I think all of us deserve it honestly.”

CS: Advice for aspiring queens?

Kameron Michaels: “Do it! And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, I wouldn’t be here if I let anyone tell me how to live my life so anything that you’re passionate about, doesn’t hurt anyone – absolutely do and chase your dreams.”