RuPaul Crowns America’s Next Drag Superstar on the Season 10 Finale (Exclusive)

We were at the #DragRace Season 10 Finale event in New York City the night of the big reveal to chat with the top four finalists!

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CS: Talk to me about this season! What do you think was the biggest lesson you think you learned about yourself?

Aquaria: “For me, one of the bigger lessons that I learned was something that Ru said to me during the walk through for the Breast World episode. I was kind of frustrated that I left myself with a role that didn’t have many lines and for an acting challenge, if you don’t have a lot of lines you have to make those ones count and I was just struggling how I was going to make those lines funny and count so Ru kind of suggested that I kind of approach anything I’m unfamiliar or unsure about instead of doing it as Giovanni doing it as Aquaria because somehow Aquaria always knows the right answer to any situation so if I approach acting as Aquaria acting I’m going to have a much better outcome I think.”

CS: What can fans expect in the finale tonight?

Aquaria: “The finale tonight is going to be very much a rollercoaster, there’s lots of ups, I certainly have plenty downs but when you fall down sometimes you have to pick yourself up even if you’re going to fall down again and make the best of a bad situation. There’s definitely a lot of lessons to be learned from this finale and hopefully by the time y’all are watching this or reading this – I have a crown! So hopefully that’s included in the finale tonight!”

CS: This show has been a beacon of hope for so many people in the country for a journey of self-acceptance – what advice would you give to young people who are struggling to be true to who they are?

Aquaria: “For me, I always tried to not care about what people thought of me in almost a kind of snotty way, maybe snotty is not the right word. My mom would always ask why I have xyz information on social media, being worried that people in school would think something of me or that future employers would think something of me and my response to that was always “well, if they don’t like it they shouldn’t be my friend in the first place.” It’s like why am I trying to hide from them or if they don’t like that I do something else then maybe I should be working at that job so just be unapologetically you as best as you can and just try to find out who you are because you won’t know who you are for a while but just try to be who you think you might be.”

CS: That’s amazing! Very inspiring!

Aquaria: “In the least confrontational way, just say fu*k to whatever anyone has to think!”

CS: If you could lip-sync against any contestant from any season – who would you pick?

Aquaria: “If I had to lip sync against any drag queen from any past season of drag race, I would definitely pick my drag mother Sharon Needles, I think it would either be super funny or super intense, it would just be super entertaining and we both have unique styles of performance so I think it would be something we would enjoy and something the fans would enjoy as well.”