RuPaul Crowns America’s Next Drag Superstar on the Season 10 Finale (Exclusive)

We were at the #DragRace Season 10 Finale event in New York City the night of the big reveal to chat with the top four finalists!

Courtesy photo

Asia O’Hara

CS: Talk to me about this season – what do you think was the biggest lesson you learned about yourself?

Asia O’Hara: “The biggest lesson I think I learned about myself this season is there are a lot of parts of me that I haven’t learned or realized yet. I went into this season thinking I knew every corner of myself and every facet of myself and as the season progressed and it touched different parts of me – different parts of it awoken. I just learned there are so many things about myself I don’t know and I learned that I’m still as a person and a spiritual being still growing and evolving into the best version of myself.”

CS: Now knowing what you know this season, what advice would you give to a younger self?

Asia O’Hara: “Try things! Say yes to things and approach everything with an open mind and an open heart. One of my favorite things that Ru said to us this season is life is a buffet and so many people are starving to death. My younger self I would tell approach everything with an open mind and an open heart and say yes, try things, don’t be afraid to fail, there’s no wrong or right way to live.”

CS: I love that!

Asia O’Hara: “Thank you.”

CS: So season 10 is probably – not probably, definitely the best season there has been.

Asia O’Hara: “So far!”

CS: Talk to me – tell me who you think deserves to win this competition?

Asia O’Hara: “I’m torn with this answer, I’ll be very honest with you. Who I think deserves to win based on what was presented in the competition I definitely feel like Aquaria. I think Aquaria has shown time and time again that she has a lot of tools that are going to solidify her career for years to come and I think if we look at the competition as a football game she would be the clear winner. Who I think deserves to win based on their entire life and existence, probably Eureka. I think Eureka had a metamorphosis throughout the competition. I think she’s a great person, she loves drag for the right reasons she wants to give back, she wants to support people and you know a lot of us look to her to laugh, she’s always the reason to laugh in the room and she’s such a positive person and think that part of her personality and who she is as a person makes her the most deserving person. Sorry to give you so many words and answers!”

CS: Since we are Celeb Secrets – can you share a secret with your fans that they might not already know about you?

Asia O’Hara: “A secret about me that people might not already know about me… I love dogs more than I love people. Sorry not sorry!”