Ryan Lee and Katherine Hughes Spill Secrets From Making “My Dead Ex”

It’s the sitcom you love to death and we have the lowdown from the series’ stars.

Source: AwesomenessTV

Everyone is talking about AwesomenessTV‘s latest show My Dead Ex!

The classic, will-they-won’t romance story focuses on teenager Charley’s life, Ben – her not so secret admirer – and Luke, the high school hunk. Throw in a death story and watch what happens when love (and the after life) can’t stop these characters from finding each other.

If you’ve already blown through the 8 episode series like us – don’t worry! We’ve got you covered until *crosses fingers* we get more episodes – with behind-the-scenes secrets from Ryan and Katherine on the making of this show!

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Celeb Secrets: Tell me about “My Dead Ex” – who is this show for and what is it about?

Ryan: “‘My Dead Ex’ is basically a will they, won’t they kind of love story. It kind of involves a love triangle. My character Ben has loved this character Charley since pretty much forever and he dated her for like a week in fourth grade so he holds onto all those fond memories and then he asks her out 50 something times – very persistent. She finally says yes and then he ends up dying after their date – but then he gets another shot at it. I think this show is for anyone who is into romance and rooting for the underdog – it has a lot of heart.”

Katherine: “The premise – it is a love triangle between three high schoolers. Charley, who I play, is a junior in high school and the boy who loved her in fourth grade has kind of been persistent with her and he dies in the first episode and happens to come back to life for reasons we find out about in the pilot and how to deal with that while crushing on the senior, Luke, who is super cute.”

Source: AwesomenessTV

CS: Where can viewers watch this and when do episodes come out?

Katherine: “All 8 episodes are out for binge-watching now. It came out March 20th and it’s on Go90.com and it’s free. You can find it on Tumblr as well!”

CS: What was it about this project that made you excited and say “I need to be a part of it”?

Ryan: “I think just the character is cool the kind of transformation and the arch that this guy got to go through. There’s just a bunch to do! In the 8 episodes it was just jam packed!”

Katherine: “Well, I had read the script a year before and it was actually a movie script. I think they dropped it and then decided to make it a series. It’s a cool project and yeah, it’s had a long life at Awesomeness.”

CS: Tell me about your character – did you bring any of your own experiences growing up or high school romances?

Ryan: “I think so! I think being a character you have to draw from experiences from what you know and from my experiences liking a person from a far. It’s weird just how hard you try when you don’t need to try at all, just be yourself to share where that stuff goes and if it doesn’t, that’s cool too. I think for this character I just needed to be able to believe so other people would believe it so I was just trying to make it as grounded and earnest as possible.”

Source: AwesomenessTV

CS: Since the show premiered – have you gone online to read any of the reactions, comments or buzz?

Ryan: “Yeah everyone seems to really love it!  I actually haven’t read anything bad about it – I’m sure it’s out there. But no, so far, it’s been overwhelmingly positive.”

Katherine: “It’s actually been really great! I’ve had so many people texting, calling me. I don’t like to read comments, but my best friend wrote me and said all the comments online are really positive and really good and a lot of people are asking for a season 2 which is super cool! I like people are really really liking it and I think there’s something in it for everyone. Just the older actors are incredible, amazing comedians in the show and the young kids are just great!”

CS: I think one thing that makes this show so special is the chemistry between you and Catherine. Can you tell me about the first time you met her?

Ryan: “Yeah – it’s interesting! We met at the audition and Ryan – her other love interest – and me were all sitting next to each other at the audition. So we were all batched in and then it’s all like – “oh, I hope it works out” and you know, it did. We all had chemistry from the get-go which was cool.”

Katherine: “When we screen tested together it was immediate laughter! He’s just so good – his physical comedy is just so great! We love working together everyday.”

CS: Do you have any favorite memories from set and putting the show together?

Ryan: “Just working with the cast, every day waking up and getting to work with them was really cool. Particularly, I have a dance scene…”

CS: I’ve heard about it! It sounds pretty epic!

Katherine: “There was a dance number in episode 6 that Ryan has and I’ve been watching it on loop. It’s my favorite thing in the entire world!”

Ryan: “I don’t consider myself to be a dancer, but for this scene I had to put it behind me and say whatever happens, happens and kind of let go of your self-critic. It ended up being really fun and I really enjoyed doing that scene.”

CS: If you get a season 2, what are you hoping to see as far as your character and any kind of story lines you’re hoping will unfold?

Katherine: “I don’t know – I think it would be cool if the newly found life he has, like he was so persistent and when he finds out that all he really had to do was relax a little bit and let it happen. I think it would be cool to explore his enjoying it and actual see if everything he always wanted is actually what he wants. I don’t know, we’ll see.”

CS: We are Celeb Secrets – do you have any behind-the-scenes secrets you can spill?

Katherine: “We have a dog that’s on set every single day. It’s our camera operator’s dog and her name is Sage. She’s so cute!”

Ryan: “It took me like an hour and a half to put on the makeup every day which was pretty cool. I’ve never done anything that intense. Also – we shot the episodes out of order which was cool for me to watch and see how they put it all together.”

CS: Was that hard for you as an actor – knowing where you were in the storyline?

Ryan: “Yeah that was also something I’ve never ever done – doing multiple episodes at one time and having Drew, our showrunner who is also the writer, made it super easy – coming up right behind me and putting us in a certain place or time.

I hope people enjoy it! I hope everyone is entertained!”

Written by Cassie Hudson