Sabrina Carpenter Drops Her Third Album, “Singular: Part I”

The 19-year-old singer is making a solid statement with her latest release, and we are so here for it.

Sabrina Carpenter

My favorite way to experience a new album release is to bring it home and really live with it. Stream my favorite tracks on Spotify. Pick up a physical copy and blast it while stuck in traffic. Listen to the entire discography, in order, uninterrupted, while I get ready in the morning. (Hey, the perfect outfit and winged eyeliner combo takes some time and the playlist must cooperate.) Singles and music videos elicit hot takes and immediate reactions, but rich albums need some time to digest.

So you better believe that Sabrina Carpenter‘s brand new bop-filled album, Singular: Act I has been on constant repeat on every single music-playing device in my vicinity since it launched on November 9. And I have thoughts.

Sabrina Carpenter

This album, the first of an unexpected (but delightful) two-part release, consists of eight songs that 19-year-old Sabrina herself co-wrote. That includes “Almost Love,” “Paris,” “Hold Tight (ft. Uhmeer),” “Sue Me,” “prfct,” “Bad Time,” “Mona Lisa,” and “Diamonds Are Forever.” You can try to pick a standout favorite, but you may find yourself changing your mind after every listen.

Not only does Singular, Sabrina’s third album, show a marked maturity from her other bodies of work, but each individual track on the record feels like a journey.

“I’m beginning in a different place than I was before,” Sabrina said about it in a statement.

Each song has a different sound and a different vibe, and even a different life outside of the confines of the CD. You can just as easily imagine “Bad Time” as a viral radio hit, while “Diamonds Are Forever” as a pump-up anthem on your playlist.

How are they all so cohesive together as a singular work? They’re all, at their core, distinctly Sabrina. Each lyric helps tell a complementary story about where the artist is in her musical journey, and the record as a whole showcases the impressive range of her vocal talents.

Sabrina Carpenter

Act I is a collection of songs that will leave audiences buzzing throughout intermission. We have no doubt Act II will garner a standing ovation.

Make sure to check out Sabrina Carpenter’s new album, Singular: Act I via your favorite music listening locales and leave us all of your reactions below!

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Written by Kristine Hope Kowalski

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