Sam Pepper Controversial Social Experiment (@sampepper)

Sam-Pepper1_3050827bEarlier this week, youtuber and vlogger Sam Pepper posted a prank video that went viral in a negative way. Pepper posted a video where he pinched girl’s butts and pretended like it wasn’t him. The girls soon became uncomfortable and awkwardly laughed when he finally admitted it was him.

The video immediately caught many people’s attention including other members of the youtube community who said they were disgusted by Sam’s new video. Famous youtuber Tyler Oakley did not keep quiet and went on to post,” Saddened by @sampepper‘s new video. Sexually harassing women is vile to begin with, but normalizing it by calling it a prank? So harmful.”

Youtube immediately took action and informed everyone that such behavior would not be tolerated and that Sam would not be able to attend Youtube events such as Playlist Live and Vidcon.

Pepper remained quiet throughout all of this only to surprise everyone by posting a 2nd video the following day. In this video he reversed the roles and had a girl pinch guys butts as a joke as well.

By this time everyone was a bit confused until he released his third video where he explains that the whole thing was a social experiment and that the “victims” knew all about it at the time of filming. He then explained that people did not make a big deal when the girls were the ones doing the pinching.

Pepper claims the reason for his social experiment was to show that men can get harassed as well, but people just brush it off if its a man.

People are saying that Pepper only did the other videos to try and save himself, but only Sam knows if this was really an experiment rather than a last minute attempt to save his career.

What do you guys think? Do you think Sam was telling the truth and that the social experiment was real?