Sammi Sanchez Talks New Song “Girls Talk” and Gushes Over Kylie Lip Kit Obsession

Sammi Sanchez has grown up a lot since we first met her.

The Latina singer/songwriter has crafted her sound, showing off her pop and Latin vibes with her new song “Girls Talk.”

“’Girls Talk’ was inspired by a personal experience. I dated a guy for a couple of months and later found out that he was talking to three other girls at the same time. They were all my friends, and we put the pieces together one night when we were all on a Skype call together. I came into the studio and turned it into a song that I feel many people can relate to,” says Sammi.

Celeb Secrets had the opportunity to catch up with the 18-year-old recently to talk about her song “Girls Talk,” singing in both English and Spanish, and her favorite trends — make sure to check out the full Q&A below!

Watch the music video for “Girls Talk” and keep up with Sammi by following her on Twitter at @sammisanchez.

Celeb Secrets: Are you currently obsessed with any songs, movies, or beauty trends? 

Sammi Sanchez: “Yes! I love the brown lip trend, I dig it. And I love Kylie’s new lip kits. It’s amazing! I’m kind of obsessed with that right now. As for music, I’m obsessed with the new Drake album. It’s so good! Beyonce’s “Lemonade” video is really sick too. That’s pretty much it for now!”

Celeb Secrets: So would you consider Kylie’s lip kit your go-to beauty product?

Sammi Sanchez: “Yes, I think you always need a good lip color. Regardless if you have any other makeup on, you can slap on any color and you’ll always be set.” 

Celeb Secrets: Have you seen her metallic lippies? 

Sammi Sanchez: “Yes, I’m excited for those! They look sick.”

Celeb Secrets: Let’s talk about your music! What can you tell us about your single, “Girls Talk?” 

Sammi Sanchez: “So “Girls Talk” is a song that I wrote and it’s based on an actual experience that I had. It’s pretty funny — I was talking to this guy who was talking to 2 other girls at the same time. Those girls just so happened to be my friends. So eventually we caught him and that situation inspired this song. It was my way of calling him out.”

Celeb Secrets: Awesome! It’s like John Tucker Must Die, but in real life. So along with your new song, you now have a new sound. Can you describe your sound in 3 words? 

Sammi Sanchez: “I would describe my sound as Spanglish, relatable, and vibes.”

Photo: Sammi Sanchez/Twitter
Photo: Sammi Sanchez/Twitter

Celeb Secrets: You’re also working an a new Spanish song, can you tell us more about that? 

Sammi Sanchez: “I’m working on an EP right now and we’re definitely putting some Spanglish on it. I can tell you that the EP definitely has some Latin vibes, a bunch of Latin sounds and Spanish as well. But you’ll have to wait and hear the rest!”

Celeb Secrets: Does your EP have a release date yet? 

Sammi Sanchez: “We don’t have a date right now, but I can tell you that it’s coming soon.”

Celeb Secrets: Can’t wait to hear it! So do you prefer to sing in English or Spanish?

Sammi Sanchez: “I like both! I think it’s a cool advantage that I can sing in both languages. Spanish is such a beautiful, loving language and I that’s why I love Spanish music so much. There’s so much passion in it. You can literally sing anything in Spanish and it’ll sound nice. As for English music, that’s what I grew up listening to. I love singing in both so I don’t think I have a favorite.”

Celeb Secrets: Who would you love to collaborate with in the future? 

Sammi Sanchez: “I always tell people Drake. I need a song with Drake, that needs to happen! In the Latin world, It would be cool to work with Prince Royce.”

Celeb Secrets: How about celebrity crushes, do you have one? 

Sammi Sanchez: “I basically have a celebrity crush on everyone. I’m the type of person who’s really attracted to singers. Like if they can sing really nice I’m just like ‘Hey I love you.’ I have a new crush everyday!”

Photo: Sammi Sanchez/Twitter
Photo: Sammi Sanchez/Twitter

Celeb Secrets: You’ve done a ton of covers including your cover of 5SOS’ Amnesia. Who would you love to hear cover one of your songs? 

Sammi Sanchez: “Oooh, that’s a really good question! I haven’t heard that one yet. I don’t think I would know what to do if Rihanna covered one of my songs. I wouldn’t be able to handle it. Same with Sia, she’s amazing.”

Celeb Secrets: What if she did a whole dance video too?!

Sammi Sanchez: “Oh my gosh, that would be cool! It needs to happen now, I’m getting really excited about it!”

Celeb Secrets: For people why have yet to discover you, why should they listen to your music? 

Sammi Sanchez: “I think if you connect with my story, then you should just keep listening. That’s why I listen to a lot of singers that I like. I would connect with the song because it makes me feel a certain way. It would either make me want to dance or if I’m sad, I can relate to the story within the song. So if someone connects to my music, they should definitely keep listening.”

Celeb Secrets: Since we are Celeb Secrets, do you have a secret you’d like to share with us? 

Sammi Sanchez: “A secret is that I’m eating Taco Bell right now and it’s so good! I literally just bought some. It’s not really a secret, but I’m obsessed with Taco Bell. I eat it everyday.”

Photo by Sammi Sanchez/Twitter

Written by Juliet Schroder

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