Selena Gomez Teases New Netflix Series ’13 Reasons Why’

Selena Gomez is back, but this time not behind our television screens or on our playlists, but as an executive producer!

Gomez, with the guidance of her mom Mandy Teefy, made your next guilty pleasure, 13 Reasons Why, come to life authentically.

“My mom found this book in 2009 and worked her ass off to make it with me, guide me and tell this story authentically (the only reason, beside Jay this project was even made),” Gomez shared on Instagram.

The Selena Gomez-produced Netflix drama, 13 Reasons Why, is based on Jay Asher‘s New York Times bestseller.

The new drama is about a high school student, Hannah Baker (Katherine Lanford), who tragically committed suicide. She left behind a mysterious box with recorded cassette tapes with 13 reasons why she did it for her classmate who had a crush on her, Clay Jensen (Dylan Minnette).

Selena Gomez shared a teaser with her fans via Instagram on the promising first look of the series. With students lined up against lockers, resembling criminals, sharing confessions of Hannah’s situation. The last line, “They All Killed Her,” set an unsettling tone, but the reality of the entire show -the mystery of Hannah’s death.


The new Netflix show is unlike any young adult show we’ve seen; a dark mystery of a dead girl being told by the grave and her crush – we can’t wait to untangle the secret.

“Why would a dead girl lie? The truth comes out March 31st,” the series tagline reads. Get ready to binge watch 13 Reasons Why on Netflix.

Kennia Cardenas

Written by Kennia Cardenas