Show Review: Monster Energy’s Outbreak Tour Invades Boston With Crown The Empire, Issues, and One Ok Rock

The Monster Energy Outbreak tour is coming to an end, but we were able to catch one of the last few stops in Boston, MA on Tuesday night! Issues, One Ok Rock, Night Verses, and our personal favorites, Crown The Empire brought out a packed crowd when they invaded the legendary House of Blues.

Not only was this one of the best live shows Celeb Secrets has seen from Crown The Empire, this was hands down one of the best crafted tours in a while! The future of “the scene” music is in the hands of Issues and Crown The Empire and we aren’t complaining. Yes, the band has gone through departing members, but we all have to get knocked down before we can rise again.

Stand out tune from the night’s set: ‘Makeshift Chemistry’. No pun intended, the bands chemistry is infectious and the crowd eats it up!

Check out our gallery featuring Crown The Empire, Issues, and One Ok Rock from the 2016 Monster Energy Outbreak Tour.


Photo Credit: Brittney Tambeau for Celeb Secrets