WATCH: Siena Agudong Gives Us the Scoop on “No Good Nick” Part 2

The Netflix lead teases storylines and her favorite moments from set.

Photo Credit: Lupe Llerenas/Celeb Secrets

Ever since part one of No Good Nick premiered on Netflix back in April, we’ve been on the edge of our seats waiting for more episodes with Nick’s iconic schemes. Luckily, the drought ended earlier this week as part two is officially here and we’ve been binging it like crazy.

Starring Hawaiian-Filipino actress Siena Agudong as Nicole aka “Nick,” the series follows the 13-year-old con artist who plots revenge on Ed and Liz Thompson (Sean Astin and Melissa Joan Hart) and unknowingly ruins her family’s life that results in the imprisonment of her father (Eddie McClintock).

In part one, Nick convinced the Thompson’s to foster her, all while lying and secretly stealing from them. Ed and Liz’s kids, Jeremy (Kalama Epstein) and Molly (Lauren Donzis), had their suspicions and Nick was almost exposed. In part two, Nick is working harder than ever to keep her secret in tact from the Thompson’s, who are growing more and more suspicious of her mysterious background.

Celeb Secrets sat down with Agudong recently to talk about the show’s second set of episodes as well as her favorite memories from set. You can learn more by watching the full interview below and click here to see the first and second part of No Good Nick. 

Written by Lupe LLerenas

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