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We couldn’t help but be inspired by the US women’s soccer team after their win against Japan, which is why we were so excited to discover a new original series about the sport!

“The Kicks” is based on the best-selling book series by Olympic gold medalist and current US women’s soccer player, Alex Morgan. Directed by Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum, the comedy centers on Devin Burke, the star player on her soccer team in Connecticut until her family decides to move to California midway through the school year. Once Devin arrives in California, she discovers that her new school soccer team has been on a losing streak over the last few months, and the team needs a leader to rally them together.

Sixx Orange makes her debut as Devin Burke in the Amazon original series. Having struggled with a cross-country move herself and finding solace in soccer, Sixx found her own personal experiences helpful in playing the role of ‘Devin.’ She compares her love of working with her team on “The Kicks” to her love of working with her soccer team on the field.

CelebSecrets4U recently caught up with Sixx to talk about her acting debut on the show. In our interview, Sixx tells us about her character, Devin, her love of soccer and her favorite show to stream.

Will it be up to Devin to help her new team win again? Check out The Kicks pilot on Amazon now to find out!

CS4U: For those who haven’t heard about your show, could you tell us a little bit about it and your character?

Sixx Orange: “”The Kicks” is about my character, Devin Burke, who is about to be named the captain of her soccer team, but then she has to move from Connecticut to Southern California for her father’s job. Devin is, of course, super nervous about going to California because she knows there are many amazing soccer players that come from there. She soon finds out that her soccer tryouts for her California school team are a joke. Luckily, Devin is determined to bring out the best in her school team and makes them better! Devin is a very kind and driven person. She lives and breathes soccer and she will do anything to just play it. No matter where Devin is, she will always be playing soccer.”

CS4U: If you could pick one characteristic you admire the most in Devin, what would it be?

Sixx Orange: “I would say her determination. Even with the team being unfocused, not having a real coach and many other hurdles, Devin is driven to make this team a real hard working competitive soccer team.”

CS4U: How did your experience moving across country translate to your character, Devin?

Sixx Orange: “I really could sympathize with Devin when it came to moving across country because it’s tough leaving the only life behind that you know and are comfortable with. Moving to California is quite intimidating; there is so much success and you do not want to be the one to fail.”

CS4U: “The Kicks” is your acting debut. What was your reaction when you found out you got the part?

Sixx Orange: “When I found out I got the part of Devin, I just screamed and immediately called my grandma to tell her the news! Funny enough, I was just about to start soccer practice so once I got off the phone I just smiled through the whole practice haha.”

CS4U: Alex Morgan, an Olympic women’s soccer player, wrote the bestselling book that your series is based off of. Did you read the books before you auditioned for the part? What was it like working with Alex Morgan?

Sixx Orange: “I did not read the books before my audition which I wish I would have done haha. I did hear about the books and was interested in reading them but just never really had a chance. I am currently reading the series and I am OBSESSED! It was such an amazing experience to be able to work with Alex and talk soccer with her. She is so humble and sweet. It was a dream come true. SO COOL!!”

CS4U: Give us one word that sums up your thoughts of the final game of the Women’s World Cup.

Sixx Orange: “BREATHTAKING.”

CS4U: You’ve been playing soccer since you were 4 years old. What is your favorite soccer move or trick? Did you have to train at all for this part?

Sixx Orange: “I think my favorite move is the “Cryuff,” It’s such an effective move. I did not have to train much for this part because I play soccer 2-3 times a week on my club soccer team, so I felt pretty confident with my soccer skills.”

CS4U: Your show streams on Amazon Prime. What is your favorite show to stream (other than yours of course)?

Sixx Orange: “My ultimate favorite show to watch is “Pretty Little Liars.” It is so mysterious and creepy! I love it!!!”

CS4U: Since you and your character have so much in common, is there something about Devin or a certain storyline that made it hard for you to tackle the character?

Sixx Orange: “I feel like there wasn’t any part of Devin or the storyline that made it hard for me to embody the character. Devin and I are practically the same person and I could understand every emotion she was going through.”

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