Sky Ferreira and Blondie’s Debbie Harry Seen Together At A Studio In New York City – What’s Going On? (@SkyFerreira)

blondie and ferrBlondie’s guitarist Chris Stein snaps an Instagram photo of Sky Ferreira and Blondie’s lead vocalist Debbie Harry with the caption “She’s great.”

The two rock goddesses were spotted at the Mercy Sound Studios in New York City on Monday, August 31st. Although there is no confirmation that they are working on a collaboration, we can’t help, but keep our fingers crossed. Very, very crossed. In another Instagram post of Sky posing by herself, Stein writes, “Sky is the real deal.”  They might not be creating some new tunes, but it sure looks like they’re creating new friendships.

Ferreira is currently working on her sophomore album, Masochism, which has yet to have an official release date, but has been rumored to debut in 2016. The indie-rock singer had announced back in July that the leading single to her upcoming album will be called “Guardian”, but due to scheduling and health issues, that release was postponed as well. Along with creating new music, Ferreira was revealed to be the face of Jimmy Choo’s new fragrance “Illicit” and set to release a film later this year. The film was co-written and produced by Grant Singer who she has collaborated with in the past.

No worries though Sky, whether you release the new album in 2 days or in 200 years, we know how utterly amazing it will be once you do. So just take your time and keep doing what you’re doing.