Skyward Story Shares How the Band Got Together and Found Their Sound – Exclusive

The band (formerly known as 3PM) tells Celeb Secrets all about their musical journey.

Would you ever imagine that Twitter would be helpful in putting together a band? Well, it’s totally the case for the band Skyward Story! The Baltimore-based pop rock trio actually found their current formation, consisting of Brandon Millman, Scott Montgomery, and Aaron O’Connor, through the social media app — and have a whirlwind adventure together ever since. From touring with Kenny Holland to releasing fresh new tracks and performing at Warped Tour, Celeb Secrets got the total scoop on the guys’ rising music career. Check out our exclusive Q&A below.

Celeb Secrets: How did you guys come up with the band name?

Aaron: It was a collective effort of us trying to figure out a name that best represents us as people, our backgrounds, our music, and our goal. Skyward Story is all about believing the sky is the limit for everything; whether that is being in a band or chasing any dream you may have. And we are the ones who write the story along the way. We want our name to inspire others to have their own dreams and chase them the same way we are.

Celeb Secrets: How did you all meet and decide you want to do music together?

Brandon: I met Scott through his brother about six years ago and we just started playing covers together and started the band for fun and for the fact that we loved music. We definitely wanted to do something with it but it seemed far out of reach for a bit because we were so young. We managed to find Aaron on Twitter just by searching #singer and stumbling upon one of his singing vines. This crazy coincidence and stroke of luck goes to show that everything happens for a reason and this group was meant to be!

Skyward Story is all about believing the sky is the limit for everything.

Celeb Secrets: How would you guys describe your sound?

Scott: I like to think of us as upbeat, positive, sing-along, and personal. We only write music that means something to us so we’re able to pour our hearts into them. And we’re all happy people which makes the songs even more authentic.


Celeb Secrets: What’s the story behind “Hey!” [the first single off the band’s latest album]?

Aaron: While we were writing the album we had the realization that every song written up to that point was a love song. We joked around a little and then found ourselves drawn to the idea of making fun of ourselves, and then “Hey!” was born.

Celeb Secrets: What was your favorite moment from Warped Tour?

Brandon: Just the fact that we were surrounded by so many bands that have inspired our music as well as so many others in the same situation as us was really cool and eye-opening. All the bands are in it together and were best of friends. The festival brings everyone together as one and nothing can beat that feeling.

Celeb Secrets: What can fans expect to take away from your album?

Aaron: They can expect heartfelt and personal music that is a look into our lives, our emotions, and everything Skyward Story. It’s our debut album under this name and we plan on doing it right.

Celeb Secrets: Since we are Celeb Secrets can you guys share a secret or fun fact about each

Aaron: I was on track to be a nurse before I joined the band!

Brandon: Aaron and I were in a similar field, I wanted to go into personal training and
exercise science but I like music a lot more.

Scott: I went on my first Warped Tour only two weeks after graduating high school,
and my friends were jealous.

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