Snapchat-Produced Horror Movie “Sickhouse” Heads to Vimeo – Watch The Trailer!

Happy Friday folks!

Some of our favorite socialites have come together to create the very first Snapchat-produced film, Sickhouse. That’s right – a full-length feature generated entirely from the incredibly popular app. Take it from us, it’s much more than just a scary story.

In this made-for-mobile cinema, a group of social media crazed teens venture into the woods to explore the mystery behind the infamous building and find themselves lost in an eponymous location. After stumbling upon the unsettling settlement, weird things begin to occur leading to severe consequences for all concerned, including the viewers. Just remember to follow the three rules when visiting the Sickhouse – don’t make noise, never go inside, and always leave a gift on the porch.

Unlike the 2015 flick Unfriended, this movie is fully dedicated to give fans the full “social media” effect thanks to the genius mind of Hannah Macpherson.  From the cast of real social media personalities to the way it was created, there is truly nothing of its kind.

Leading the gang is Youtuber Andrea Russett and Instagram-star Sean O’Donnell who each boast an impressive following up in the millions. Sickhouse was shot, produced, directed, and edited over the course of five days and is completely composed of over hundreds of brief Snapchat clips that were then sent out through Andrea’s Snapchat account (@andwizzle).

To find out more about the Sickhouse mythology, check out their official site and Facebook page. Sickhouse will be available on Vimeo on Wednesday, June 1.

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