So Help Us God, Kayne West is at it again, Take A Peak At the Inside Scoop Of New Album By Kayne West “So Help Me God” @KayneWest

Kayne West Album

Kayne West rumors were finally hushed when he revealed his title of his up. coming album “So Help Me God“. H was promoting his album all across Europe but late night on Twitter, he finally revealed the title, accompanied with the album cover. Earlier this week he reveled his track “All Day” at the Brit Awards, then continued with his performance of “Only One“. Kayne West recently as well revealed his first clothing design, saying he is now focused on perfecting the art of design alike his albums before were focused on perfecting rapping.

We should of known something was up with all of the releases and hints, but we have to say if he keeps things up, we may be calling 2015, the West year. His new single “All Day” feat. Allan Kingdom, Theophilus London, and Paul McCartney. This song focuses on his fast raps while paired with a mechanical new sound beat. Kayne always seems to evolve with each new album always making sure he appeals to ever generation that hears his first song on the radio. We will always be Kayne Fans, and rumor has it he got Director of “Ten Years A SlaveSteve Mcqueen to direct. Till then take a listen to the new song and let us know what you think!