Star Wars Episode VIII Title Possibly Revealed!

(photo source: Walt Disney Studios)

Look out Star Wars fans, it looks like the title of Star Wars: Episode VIII might have been leaked!

Lucasfilm has apparently filed to protect and trademark “Star Wars Forces of Destiny” and has caught the attention of pretty much everyone.

Now although a lot of companies have done this in this past (trademark possible names in case they decide to use it in the future), many people have speculated that this could be used for the next episode. Many fans have taken to their Twitter to express their confusion and distaste. Some have even gone to say that it sounds like a cheesy park ride versus the previous titles while others have pointed out that it could be a follow-up to a Star Wars fantasy/role-playing game called “Force and Destiny”. Nonetheless, these five little words have caused quite an uproar. Whether or not it’s true, we’re just hoping we get a glimpse of Darth Vader’s return very soon!

What do you guys think, could “Star Wars: Forces of Destiny” be the next movie title or is it all just too far-fetched?

The franchise’s first standalone film, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, will be premiering this Friday (December 16th).