“Summer Forever” is Every Teen Movie You Love Combined – Movie Review

Earlier this week, we were invited an advanced screening of the newest iTunes movie Summer Forever! Check out our take on the film below and make sure to purchase it on iTunes today 🙂

Summer Forever is a musical about three best friends, who try to make the most out of their last summer weekend together before going their separate ways to college. Three life-long friends make a pact to make the final 48 hours of together the most epic by making a “YOLO” list they must complete before Monday morning. Starting Monday morning, the girls must began their adult lives without each other.

Sydney (Megan Nicole), the sweet sarcastic, music loving one of the group plans to move to Boston for college; Chloe (Anna Grace Barlow), the brainy, proper, and the most shy out of the group is heading to New York to study at Columbia; while, the free-spirited dancer Liv (Alyson Stoner) is staying behind to work at her mother’s coffee shop and attending community college. But they want more, they want to face their fears, meet boys, but most importantly chase their dreams.

The opportunity to make Sydney’s dream come true arises when she is approached by Austin (Stephen Colletti), a record producer, offered her a record deal. “Can you make my dreams come true too?!” says Liv, but we’re wondering the same exact thing too. Does Sydney decide to go to college or take on that dream? Chloe must face her fears and stop being the uptight one in the group by throwing a raging party, while her parents are away. Will Chloe face her fears? Liv must bring her dance aspirations to life by applying to Julliard, one of the most prestigious dance schools. Will she apply or just simply give up on the dream?

This movie has everything from love to laughter, and music. Summer Forever is relatable for every high school graduate, who had to go away to college, leave friends behind, or even have to make tough decisions about what path they want to take in their lives. The trio in the matter of 48 hours finds love, heartbreak, their bond strengthens, but most importantly finds themselves and the path they want to take through life, friendship, and song. If you’re about to end high school or have already graduated, you will enjoy this movie because it makes you think about your future and who you want to be or your past and what path you want to continue on.

This movie reminds us of a modern version of High School Musical, especially the third one, where everyone had to make their own decisions about their futures. As hard as those decisions may be, you have to do what is right for you and what makes you happy, even if it means going in different directions from your friends. Like High School Musical, it also has a ton of amazing songs and dancing, which we heard one of the numbers was choreographed by Alyson Stoner herself.  The songs will get stuck in your head and Megan Nicole‘s vocals are incredible.

With a cast that has great chemistry, Summer Forever has morals and friendship; everything you love in a teen movie!

Kennia Cardenas

Written by Kennia Cardenas