Taylor Spreitler Teases Series Finale of Melissa & Joey – Read the Q&A! (@TaylorSpreitler)

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We can’t believe the final episode of Melissa & Joey is airing tonight on ABC Family!

In honor of the series finale, CelebSecrets4U sat down with Taylor Spreitler, who plays Lennox, to get the scoop on what we can expect from the series finale and her favorite memories from filming the show.

In the episode titled “Double Happiness,” Mel and Joe both panic when she gets news that will directly affect her senate run. Meanwhile, Ryder gets his orders from the Navy, and Lennox and Zander (Sterling Knight) both have life-changing epiphanies after they almost die in a car crash.

Make sure to read our Q&A with Taylor below. The series finale of Melissa & Joey airs tonight at 8PM ET/PT on ABC Family.


CS4U: What was your favorite episode to film for Melissa and Joey?

Taylor Spreitler: “Oh goodness, that’s a hard question, there have been so many! [Laughs].  I really loved our Christmas episode; it was fun to see us all play different versions of our characters for an entire episode.  Getting to be in costumes and having horrible southern accents was a lot of fun!”

CS4U: Who was your favorite guest star?

Taylor Spreitler: “I love the whole story line with Kevin and Sterling because I have known them both for years.  We’ve been friends forever.  So, it was a lot of fun to work with them and hang out.  So they’ve definitely been two of my favorites.”

CS4U: What is your best Melissa and Joey memory?

Taylor Spreitler: “It’s hard to narrow it down between all of the amazing birthdays that I’ve had, but I think it might have been my high school graduation.  I graduated high school and I wasn’t going to be able to attend a real graduation, so my entire crew came together and they made me a cap and gown and Melissa gave me a commencement speech and it was a huge surprise.

It was an episode where she snuck me into a Kings of Leon concert and they told me that I had to jump into the dumpster.  When I came out of the dumpster, there was a podium set up, a cake for me, and it was really special.  It was very nice that they cared so much to make sure that I had this very special moment, something that every kid went through that I wasn’t able to experience and they made it for me, which was awesome.”

CS4U:  Do you have any teasers you can tell us about about the series finale of Melissa and Joey?

Taylor Spreitler: “Big things happen.  Zander and Lennox get into a little bit of a car accident and they end up having an epiphany, and Melissa and Joey get some even bigger news.”

CS4U: Do you have anything else you want to tell your fans?

Taylor Spreitler: “Just thank you.  It’s been quite the roller coaster these past five years and I’m very grateful for everyone hanging in, supporting us and keeping our little show going for as long as they did.  We are all very grateful.”

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