Taylor Swift’s Blank Space Video Leaks: Watch Here! (@taylorswift13)


Taylor Swift’s music video for Blank Space was leaked earlier this morning (November 10th) on yahoo and vevo.

Blank Space is Swift’s second single from her new album 1989 that came out last month becoming the first album to go platinum this year.

The director of the video Joseph Khan tweeted that he was not going to give any links to the video because he was not sure if Yahoo had accidentally released the video ahead of time. He later confirmed and tweeted “Yup Yahoo effed up. Wait to see the Blank Space video. Let Taylor introduce it herself. It’ll be worth it. :)”

The video was said to be intended to release Tuesday rather than Early Monday morning, but since the video was already out Taylor decided later on today to just share the official link and premiere the video.

The video features Taylor looking as glamorous as ever with elegant gowns and very chic outfits.

She begins the video with a fairytale-like feel with white horses and what seems like a perfect relationship with the main guy in the video.

It then all escalates and goes downhill when Taylor basically loses it and goes crazy on the guy. She does every stereotype of the “crazy girlfriend” that you can think of. She easily gets jealous and wrecks his expensive car with a golf club, throws a flower pot at him, throws his phone in a pond, cuts his clothes and throws them out the window. You can get the idea of how much Taylor loses it in this video. The video is very humorous and it’s an interesting site to see.

She goes from being the ideal and perfect girlfriend to basically a nightmare like she says in the song herself. The video she’s clearly mocking her image as the vengeful ex girlfriend.

In an interview with Yahoo, Swift said she wasn’t sure if people would get the humor behind lyrics like, “Got a long list of ex-lovers/ They’ll tell you I’m insane.”

“You’ll have people who completely get the joke and they’re saying, ‘Oh, look, she’s completely taken back the narrative, and she’s singing from the perspective of the person the media paints her to be,'” She told Yahoo. “And then other people will be listening to it on the radio and thinking, ‘I knew it! I knew she was crazy!’… It’s probably the wildest video I’ve done.”

The video is definitely very interesting and will surely be a fan favorite. It looks like Taylor may have outdid herself with this one.

Watch for yourself