Taylor Swift’s Music video Premiere: Style (@taylorswift13)


The wait is finally over! Taylor Swift has released the music video for her latest single Style.

Swiftie announced earlier this week that she would release the video on none other than Friday the 13th,  which was no surprise to us since we all know 13 is Swift’s lucky number. She teased fans and caused chaos in the Swiftie fandom when she previewed a couple of GIFs from the music video throughout the week.

The video has very artistic takes that includes hazy filters that were definitely seen in the 80’s, which is safe to say was Taylor’s exact intentions. In the video there seems to be a lot of haunting memories between the two lovers which is exactly what the song depicts.

Things get extra steamy during the 2nd verse and we see a very different side of Taylor. The male lead takes off his shirt and embraces Taylor causing things to heat up.

The video also has a Harry Styles reference towards the beginning where Taylor is seen holding a paper plane necklace that Styles was known for wearing back in 2012. Later on during that year Taylor was seen wearing the same necklace and rumor is that Harry gave it to her to show her how much he cared about her. Swift also makes the same reference in her Out of the Woods song when she says, “Two paper air planes flying.”

Taylor has confirmed that the song is indeed about the One Direction heartthrob. Besides the obvious title of the song Taylor  joked about it in her Rolling Stone interview last year when she said, “We should have just called it ‘I’m Not Even Sorry’.”

The video is definitely a must watch, but you guys be the judge of it. Let us know what you think of and how you feel about that Harry Styles reference!

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