“The Album About Nothing” By Wale Cover Art and Track list released, Check out more here!

Wale The album about Nothing


Artist Wale has finally released information about his upcoming Album titles “The Album about nothing“, however we think this album might just be everything we need. The release date is March 31st and what a better way to start off the many of albums releases for the upcoming summer but a Wale Album. Known for his melodic sound and romantic beats, this artist will bring a smooth transition of the season warming up. Many tracks already released off the album including “Girl On Drugs“, “The Body” feat. Jeremiah, and the latest “Matrimony” featuring Usher.

[youtube_sc url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zQMMI8itli8″]



The cover is related the comedy show “Seinfeld“, and its clear to see Wale is a long time fan, it is rumored to have commentary from the show from comedian Jerry Seinfeld. The other artist making appearances on the album is J. Cole, and SZA. Check out the track list and the song “The Body” and keep calm and wait for till the 31st.

Check out the track list below:

1. “The Intro About Nothing”

2. “The Helium Balloon”

3. “The White Shoes”

4. “The Pessimist”

5. “The Middle Finger”

6. “The One Time In Houston”

7. “The Girls On Drugs”

8. “The God Smile”

9. “The Need To Know”

10. “The Success”

11. “The Glass Egg”

12. “The Bloom (Ambitious Girls 3)”

13. “The Matrimony”

14. “The Body”