The Cast of “Black Panther” Answers Fan Questions for Tumblr

If you had the chance to ask the cast some burning Qs, what would you come up with? See if they got to your question below!

If you’re anything like us, you watched the new Marvel movie Black Panther over the weekend, as soon as it opened. You kept your eyes peeled to the screen for the entire film, yet you were still left wanting more at the end. And maybe you even had some questions that lingered in your brain — about the cast, the film’s production, and maybe some behind-the-scenes moments between co-stars.

Well, the stars of the mega-hit movie hosted Tumblr’s very first video Answer Time session, and dished some fun facts and personal thoughts on all things Black Panther. Stars Chadwick BosemanLupita Nyong’oMichael B. JordanDanai Gurira, and Winston Duke and director, Ryan Coogler all participated in the discussion, and got to so many great questions. Be sure to check out some of the top questions from the cast’s interactive Q & A below!

Q: Do you have a favorite line from the movie?

Michael B. Jordan: Yeah I think it was Shuri’s line “what are those?” talking about T’Challa’s sandals.

Winston Duke: Mine was “guns, so primitive,” I love that one.

Ryan Coogler: Nah, I don’t have a favorite one.

Michael B. Jordan: [to RC] Proud parent…I love all my children equally.


Q: What was the most rewarding thing about bringing this story to life?

Winston Duke: Opening night, first the carpet but really being there and watching the finished product, and knowing that I was apart of that.  There was a woman behind me during one of my various fight scenes going “Jesus, jesus, lord jesus, yes jesus, jesus, jesus,” and I was like “wow, it’s hitting and it’s impacting people” and they’re in the room and it reminded me of a theater performance where the audience was an active participant with what was happening.


Q: Do you think that Black Panther’s huge success will pave the way for more diversity in film?

Winston Duke: I feel what’s really powerful about not just a story where we are visible, but a story where we have a lot of ownness.  So it’s directed by a black man, it stars black men and black women and it’s produced by a black man, so there’s a lot more ownership to this narrative than usual.  And if that is inspiring people to not only tell the story or be involved in film or tv or music or entertainment, letting them know that ownership is possible.  Ownership in your life is possible.  Ownness in your own narrative in what you do and how you affect the world is possible.  I think that would be a dream come true.  So it doesn’t have to really reflect just in film and tv, for me, and I feel like I’m echoed by these guys as well.


Q: What was the best thing about being on set? What was the atmosphere like, knowing you were making history?

Chadwick Boseman: Well I didn’t know that we were making history, we had to make a good movie first.

Danai Gurira: Yeah, I think the stakes were high but that’s because we were very committed and passionate about the story we were trying to tell.

Lupita Nyong’o:  Yeah, history is not made, it’s lived, so we were just living in the moment.

To see more from the cast’s Answer Time session, be sure to visit the Tumblr page dedicated to it!

Written by Kristine Hope Kowalski

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