The Filharmonic’s New Original Song “Stupid” Is Here

The a capella group will have you grinning and grooving with their latest tune.

The Filharmonic
The Filharmonic

If you’re already a dedicated fan of The Filharmonic, then you know what the guys are capable of. The Los Angeles-based a capella band is comprised of 5 Filipino-American vocalists who put a unique twist on all their impressive tunes. You’re also probably used to hearing all of the amazing cover songs that made them famous, or from their appearances on television’s The Late Late Show with James Corden and The Sing-Off, or the feature film Pitch Perfect 2. But now, you are going to get a chance to hear a little more of the band’s own personality. That’s because they just released their new original single “Stupid,” the first teaser from their upcoming production, “Affiliation Summer.”

“It’s cool to see people vibe with something you created from scratch,” the band shared in a press statement. “We’re not singing someone else’s songs anymore. We’re putting music we created into this world that people can enjoy today and years to come — we created that. It’s extremely mind-blowing.”

The Filharmonic

“Stupid” is an infectiously catchy song about embracing the silly way you feel when you’re falling in love. The group’s VJ Rosales shared that he hopes that the uplifting song inspires listeners to live in the moment.

“I want people to just enjoy this song for what it is — uninhibited fun,” he explained. “It’s so easy to overthink everything we do in life- but why not just be ‘stupid’ for a second, and just enjoy life with nothing holding us back.”

But don’t worry, the band isn’t entirely abandoning its cover roots while working on this exciting new stuff.  They’re also collaborating with other performers for their “Affiliation Summer” production, and covering some of the current mega hits topping the charts right now. How much do you love this versatile group?!

Be sure to give The Filharmonic’s new song “Stupid” a listen via Spotify below, and leave us all of your reactions!

Written by Kristine Hope Kowalski

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