The Fooo Conspiracy Makes US Debut with EP “Coordinates” – Watch our Exclusive Interview! (@thefooomusic)

Juliet Schroder/CelebSecrets4U
Juliet Schroder/CelebSecrets4U

Back in November 2014, we introduced you to a Swedish boy band called The Fooo Conspiracy. We told you to keep them on your radar because they would be taking the US by storm in 2015. Fast forward to four months later, and the band is doing exactly that.

The Fooo Conspiracy, consisting of Oscar “O.G.” MolanderOscar EnestadOmar Rudberg and Felix Sandman, is a Swedish boy band that re-introduces complex choreography with catchy lyrics set to pop and rhythmic beats.

Their beginnings as a band trace back to YouTube (only 1 year ago), where they posted videos of their guerilla-style performances on the streets of Stockholm. These videos quickly swept the internet, earning the group upwards of 2 million views across some of their first videos. The fast-growing fandom and local appeal led to the band opening for Justin Bieber’s 2013 Believe Tour’s three Swedish dates at the monstrous Ericsson Globe Arena (formerly Stockholm Globe), which holds over 13,000 people.

Just recently, the band released their US debut EP Coordinates, which features the band’s favorite tracks from their Swedish records all mixed together on one record. The song titles are “Wild Hearts,” “Doo-Wop,” “My Beyoncé,” “Ballin’,” and their latest single “Roller Coaster.” Oscar, OG, Omar, and Felix have been receiving tons of positive feedback from Coordinates EP and the track “Roller Coaster.” The band actually just teamed up with Radio Disney host Alli Simpson for the “Roller Coaster” music video, which showcases the guys’ killer vocals and precise dance moves.

The Fooo Conspiracy – “Roller Coaster” – Music Video

What’s next for The Fooo Conspiracy? The band plans on returning to the United States later this month to meet their American Foooers and spread their music out in North America. 

CS4U caught up with Oscar, OG, Omar, and Felix last year in New York City to get YOU to 4-1-1 on our new favorite boy band! In the interview, the guys talk about Coordinates EP, their instant rise to fame, opening for Justin Bieber, and their silly hidden talents. Make sure to check out the video below!

For more information on The Fooo Conspiracy, visit their website at

The Fooo Conspiracy Interview

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