The New Year and already breaking our Hearts, Kayne West Release’s New song Read more Here; @KayneWest, @PaulMcCartney



Kayne West and well known Beatles member Paul McCartney teamed up to make a lullaby, to the well known Kardashian baby North West. This song was in memory of Kayne West Mother whose unexpected death was known to put a toll on Kayne West. In the song, it tore our hearts to hear Kayne West talk about his mother and how even though she may not be around for north to know her she will always be with her. “Only One” Portrayed the softer side we all knew Kayne had.

This collaboration was quite surprising having the vocals of McCartney added to Kayne West soft beats. The biggest shock however was the comments coming from Kayne West fans, wholesomely many joked (at least we hope) about not knowing the well respected Beatles artist. One fan even refereed to the song as ” A great way to showcase new artist, thank you Kayne“.

Although this collaboration was a great way to start the new year, it wont be is last surprise. Local artist Ty Dolla $ign, said that this isn’t the only single with such a collaboration. One other song contains a collaboration with Kayne West, Paul McCartney and Rhianna. The anticipation bring’s a lot of excitement along with hopefully fans who research the artist next time.