‘The Outcasts’ Is an Incredible Film About Embracing Who You Are – All the Details from the Film’s World Premiere

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High School – it can be your most awkward or the best time of your life. It’s filled with so many unforgettable experiences such as homecoming, prom, and graduation. 

Celeb Secrets recently went to the premiere of the comedy, The Outcasts, which is directed by Peter Hutchings, in Westwood, CA. We got to chat with the stars of the movie Claudia Lee, Eden Sher, and Harry Katzman about their characters and some advice on how to survive high school. 

The Outcasts centers around two science geek best friends, Mindy (Eden Sher) and Jodi (Victoria Justice), who have been best friends since second grade and have done everything together. The two are now in high school, and they don’t necessarily fit in with the cool crowd. Jodi ends up getting pranked at a party by the queen bee, Whitney (Claudia Lee) and her minions. Mindy and Jodi decide to get revenge by forming a clan of outcasts  (Ashley Rickards, Katy Chang, Harry Katzman) to take her and her clan down.

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Victorious fans who shipped #Bori will be very happy with this flick! Avan Jogia and Victoria are back working together in this flick and we are loving every minute of it. Jogia plays Dave, who is one of the popular guys in school and the love interest of Jodi.

*Spoiler Alert*

They share a kiss! But during the movie, they both come to a surprise that you’ll just have to watch to find out.

Celeb Secrets hit up the world premiere party in Westwood last week, where we chatted with stars Claudia Lee, Eden Sher, and Harry Katzman about their characters and some advice on how to survive high school.

“Whitney’s the mean girl who has a lot going on behind her facade, but on the outside she’s perfect; she’s seamless and no one is going to crack her code,” Lee says.

She explains that in high school she didn’t really fit in, but that didn’t stop her from pursuing her dreams. She also shared some inspiring advice to any teen out there who may feel like they don’t fit in. “I didn’t really fit in. I was the theater kid and I wasn’t cool. It was difficult but it made me a stronger person.”

I would say believe in yourself. It’s really difficult to believe in yourself, especially in a time where things are tough, but in the end, high school doesn’t really dictate your adulthood and who you are as a person. People who are jealous of people who are creative, interesting or artistic are actually on to something, so don’t change and believe in yourself. Believe. Believe in your abilities and believe in who you are.”


Harry Kartzman, who plays Louis in the film, described his character as “the fantasy nerd.”

He explains, “He’s one of the coolest people I’ve ever played because he wears a cape the entire movie. He has a throne. And let’s just say he is definitely vindicated in this fight between the popular kids and the nerds per say. We definitely blur the lines between that and he gets his victory.”

His advice to high school teens? “Grow a beard.” LOL!

Eden Sher plays Mindy, who is “super intense, knows all of the elements of the periodic table, and she really really wants to go to MIT.” MIT is Mindy’s dream school. Fun fact: Eden Sher also does an impressive performance of naming all the elements of the periodic table!

To any struggling teen out there, Eden shares, “It gets better. There’s and end and then that end is a new beginning!” We could not agree more. So if you feel like you don’t fit in or are struggling with bullying in high school, just believe that it really does get better.

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After the red carpet, we had the opportunity to watch the film and it was very funny AND super cute! I think fans will aboutlely love it. It sends such a positive message to just be yourself. Being popular is not everything in high school; you should embrace how unique you are and surround yourself with good friends who bring out the best in you and like you for who you are. Don’t be afraid to be different from everyone else. 

The movie is now out in select theaters and is available to stream online.


Written by Veronica Toscano

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