The Summer Set Announce New Album and Release Lead Single

For the last week, The Summer Set, has been hyping fans up by changing their social media profiles to reflect a photo that was solely blocks of color and nothing more. Fans have been speculating online about whether or not this meant a new album, new song or even a tour announcement. Today, The Summer Set announced that they will be releasing a new album, Stories For Monday, which is slated to drop on April 1st 2016. Stories For Monday is available for pre-order at

In addition to announcing their new album, the band released their lead single, Figure Me Out, with accompanying music video. In regards to the new song, lead singer, Brian Dales, explains: “I almost gave up on music last year. Then I wrote this song. It’s funny how the most important ones come to you when you least expect it. I was hiding away at my parent’s house in Arizona, afraid that none of the songs written for the record were cohesive and that we were missing something important, and then one night after midnight I wrote this song all alone on the piano in the house I grew up in. It was cathartic and it changed the whole album process for me. This song made the other ones make sense.”

Stories For Monday Tracklisting:
1. Figure Me Out
2. The Night Is Young
3. Missin’ You
4. Jean Jacket
5. All My Friends
6. Change Your Mind
7. All Downhill From Here
8. All In
9. Wonder Years
10. When The Party Ends (Can’t Hardly Wait)
11. Wasted

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