“The X Factor” Four Chair Challenge Recap (Top 16 Revealed) – October 10, 2013

XF_S3_KA_couch_1Sweat and tears broke out on the X Factor stage as contestants battled it out to stay in the competition. Simon Cowell called the shots on tonight’s (October 10th) The X Factor Four Chair Challenge. Groups, Glamour, Good News, Alex &Sierra, Girls United, Roxy Montana, Restless Road, and Sweet Suspense sang their hearts out for their chance to #takeaseat.
It was a tough competition for all contestants but with several heart twisting switches, the final four are as follows:


1.) Restless Road
2.) Sweet Suspense
3.) Roxxy Montana
4.) Alex & Sierra


The Four Chair Challenges has now ended and it’s time for each judge’s top picks to hit the studio to practice for their upcoming performances. The X Factor will be on a one week hiatus and when it returns on October 29th, it’s up to audiences everywhere to decide on this year’s winner!

Videos from last night’s episode below.