Things Go Down Under For Iggy Azalea’s Summer Tour, Read More Here!

iggy azalea

Rap Artist Iggy Azalea has canceled her summer tour “The Great Escape“. All of the disgruntled fan’s will be receiving full refunds and the new tour will be scheduled for 2016 after a new album release.

This year has had its up and downs for Australia’s Favorite Rap Artist. Known for her hits and collaborations such as “Pretty Girls” Ft. Brittany Spears, “Trouble” Ft. Jennifer Hudson, “Go Hard Or Go Home” Ft. Wiz Khalifa, “Black Widow” Ft. Rita Ora, and the song that started it all “Fancy” Ft. Charlie XCX. With hitting new highs with these great singles that topped charts and the awards she racked up such as Billboard Music Award for Top Rap Artist, and MTV Award for best song. However she has also hit some lows, including rumored animosity from other rappers including Nicki Minaj, and Azealia Banks, her new nickname “Igloo Austrailia” and recent backlash from rumored plastic cosmetic surgery.

The reasoning behind the cancellation of the tour has been rumored to be about her managements disagreements towards the tour as a whole. For now we hope this cancellation will result in an even better tour for 2016 and a good album!