This Is What It’s Like Being a Sabrina Carpenter Fan During This Beautiful Time In Music

Here’s WHY you CAN’T BLAME A GIRL FOR TRYING to be Sabrina’s biggest fan.

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True confession: I’ve been known to get overly emotional over Sabrina Carpenter‘s music releases. Like, a touch. But can you really blame me though? Every time the artist records a new track or drops a new album on us, her songs just skyrocket to the top of my all-time favorites list. It should also be said that when I press play on a new addition to her Spotify channel for the first time, I never know exactly what to expect (despite any advance notice or warnings she gives us). I’m consistently just blown away by her talent.

And that’s not to say I’d love something just because it’s Sabrina who recorded it. I like to think I am an impartial judge of music, and I wouldn’t claim something to be a genius work of art just because I happen to like the girl behind the track.

Which means that somehow Sabs just continues to deliver the best around, every single time.

In perfect timing with the start of Sabrina’s summer De-Tour US and Canada tour, the singer just released her equally perfect new song, “Why,” and naturally, I have FEELINGS about it.

But of course I have thoughts and feelings, because Sabrina isn’t one to drop a forgettable track on us.

I’ve been there since the beginning of the star’s relatively new professional music career, yet I vividly remember sitting at my computer nearly screeching when she released “Smoke and Fire” for the first time, getting goosebumps as the opening vocals proved she’s not messing around. I remember watching Sabrina perform “Thumbs” on TV, realizing it’s a radio hit that also needs to be experienced live. Then, when I saw that Sabrina’s song “Hands” with The Vamps was labeled “explicit” on Spotify, (for her accidental lyric!) I nearly had a heart attack.

Even some of her earliest works, like “Can’t Blame a Girl for Trying” and “We’ll Be the Stars,” still hold up years later: they’re such quality songs that Sabrina’s not going to be 30 years old looking at her debut stuff and feeling embarrassed about any of it. Though she’s growing every day, these songs will still be jams.

So what’s it like being a Sabrina Carpenter fan as she magically outdoes herself every chance she gets?

Well, like I said above, it’s about having immediate and emotional reactions to things like song releases. With a lot of other artists, it can take me ten listens and some close lyric studying to fall in love with a song — or maybe I have to hear it at a party to realize how infectious it is.

It means being honest and critical yet consistently coming up with positive reviews. As in, “Thumbs” is actually my least favorite song on the EVOLution album, but not at all because it’s bad – but because even the non-single tracks on the record are that strong.

And it’s being really excited for the future. Not only are longtime Sabrina fans loving seeing the star get more mainstream exposure, radio playtime, and live performance invitations, but every time she gains a new listener it’s magical. If “Why” has made you a new fan, welcome to the fandom.

Kristine Hope Kowalski

Written by Kristine Hope Kowalski

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