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Fans of CMT’s Party Down South will be reunited with familiar faces Daddy, Lyle, Murray, Walt, Lauren, Mattie and Tiffany when the show returns with its original cast members for a third season. This time, the gang takes the party to Biloxi, Mississippi and we’re almost positive things are going to get pretty crazy on the Gulf coast.

After surviving a whole lot of drama in Athens, Ga., the tight-knit gang is closer than ever and itching to get back to what they do best – showing everyone how to party down south.  As always, wherever Mattie goes Martha is soon to follow, and this year she’s brought along an energetic friend and fellow “Louisianimal” to join in the fun.  How will Walt, Lyle, Daddy and Murray respond to this sexy, new roommate?  Will she be able to earn Tiffany and Lauren’s friendship? One thing is for certain – this summer the partying will be out of control and nothing will ever be the same.

CS4U caught up with cast member Tiffany Heinen to get all the deets on what’s to come from Party Down South this season. In the interview, Tiffany talks about her future hookups down in Biloxi, Miss., what life will be like without Lil’ Bit returning to the show, their new mystery roommate, her drink of choice, and how a guy can get her attention in the club. The party animal also tells us about her favorite experience while filming Party Down South and three words she would use to describe season three. Check out the Q&A below!

CS4U: Season 3 of Party Down South premieres tomorrow — what can fans really expect from the gang this season?

Tiffany Heinen: “Its pretty much like every Party Down South season! You can expect a lot of drinking, a lot of partying, a lot of hell-raising and a lot of drama. When you put 8 people in a house, its just bound to have drama. Ya’ll are also going to meet the new girl and see what life is like without Taylor.”

CS4U: What can you tell us about this new girl joining the house this season?

Tiffany Heinen: “Hannah — who has about nine different nicknames which we all kinda gave her — came in the house with the name of Hot Dog. Shes one of Mattie’s friends.  Hannah is from Louisiana and just moved to New Orleans. In season three, we all try to figure out who she is and if she has what it takes to hang with us.”

CS4U: Will Tiffany be involved in any romances or hookups this season? If so, can you tease one to our readers?

Tiffany Heinen: “Well, see the thing is…Tiffany is always down for anything.”

CS4U: When you’re out partying, what is your drink of choice?

Tiffany Heinen: “Girl, my drink of choice? Honestly I’d rather drink beeer and take shots all night. I’m a shooter, so I LOOVE to take my shots. Any knd of shots, really. I’m real big on vegas bombs and anything with Red Bull. Those type of drinks keep my adrenaline up and keep me going so the party lasts longer.”

CS4U: If you were in a club right now, what would a guy have to do to get your attention?

Tiffany Heinen: “Buy me a drink! Guys are always ballin’ on budget. Its like makeup — they don’t have that extra thing we have.”

CS4U: What has been your favorite moment you’ve shared with your cast members while filming Party Down South?

Tiffany Heinen: “Oh my god there’s so many of them! My favorite memories would have to be anything that involves Daddy giving us a history lesson and how he views life. He thinks that all of the stars in the skies are suns, the pilgrims and Indians were originally fighting over vagina, and the list goes on. I love when Daddy gives us his theory!”

CS4U: If you could describe season 3 in three words, what would they be?

Tiffany Heinen: “FUN, NEW—like I said we have a new girl so that different and HELL-RAISING!! A hell-raising of a good time I promise you that…”

Make sure to tune in to the season three premiere of Party Down South tonight at 9PM ET/PT on CMT.

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