Tiffany Houghton Releases New Song “I’m Gonna Love You” and Talks New EP

Photo: Steven Taylor

Our girl Tiffany Houghton dropped the audio and video for her new single “I’m Gonna Love You” on Friday and let’s just say this is how you do a follow-up.

Only a few months after dropping her catchy comeback anthem “Catch Me If You Can,” the 22-year-old pop songstress shows no stopping with “I’m Gonna Love You.” Following the same upbeat sound as her previous music, “I’m Gonna Love You” gives us a total Avril Lavigne vibe, mixing Top 40-worthy pop with electric guitar.

“This song is the butterflies. It’s jumping off the cliff before you know anyone’s gonna catch you,” Houghton tells Billboard. “It’s the delusional belief that the person you just met could be the love of your life.”

The wander-lust filled video follows that stereotypical theme displayed previously in “Catch Me If You Can.” Instead of tackling the “Barbie” girl, the Dallas native shined a light on ‘Daddy’s girls’ and how they are successful on their own.

“In my last vid I played the Barbie after being called that so many times. I made fun of myself and had fun doing that because I know that’s not really me at all,” Houghton says. “This time around I hit my audience with a paradigm shift…at the end these ‘Daddy’s girls’ actually turn out to be stewardesses, traveling the world, hard at work and hard at play!”

“I’m Gonna Love You” is off Tiffany Houghton‘s upcoming album which is expected to drop very soon. Houghton stopped by the Celeb Secrets studio over the summer to tell us all about it! Watch the video below.

Photo by Steven Taylor

Juliet Schroder

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