Tom Goss Says Seventh Studio Album Contains ‘All of His Secrets’ (Exclusive)

The singer/songwriter spoke with Celeb Secrets about this new record.

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Tom Goss is getting real with this fans on his latest studio album Territories

The singer/songwriter’s 15-track collection, produced by Ian Carmichael (Lamb, The Orchids, One Dove), explores new emotional and relational territory and the many complications of love.

“”I’ve worked on [Territories] more than any other one, and it’s an explanation of new sonic territories as well as new thematic territories This record is all of my secrets,” Goss tells Celeb Secrets.

Photo Credit: Daren Cornell

Throughout the past year-and-a-half of world exploration and self-discovery, Goss found himself in a place that was not his own. Believing that we are more susceptible to emotional growth when we are pushed out of our comfort zone, Territories abandons any facade of safety and dives into the unknown.

“I spent a lot of time writing this music on my own and alone in my room, but I would say every single piece of this record is autobiographical and it is more intimate than you could possibly imagine,” Goss says. “So if you’re listening to something and you’re wondering how I came up with it, the answer is I probably had that experience whether it was great or horrible, the night before and I couldn’t sleep and I put it exactly in a song.”

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