Trove Drops Acoustic Version of “Higher Than the Moon”

How does this track stand up to the original single? You’ve got to hear it to believe it!

Did you recently fall in love with Trove‘s dreamy new track, “Higher Than the Moon”? The song recently passed 7 million streams on YouTube, and is growing in popularity across other digital platforms.

To celebrate the song’s rising success, Trove recorded an acoustic version of “Higher Than the Moon,” and created the black and white music video that we’re sharing below.

“The song is about the strange and exciting phenomenon of continuously and randomly intertwining throughout another person’s life, almost always on happenstance and pure chance,” Trove told Celeb Secrets exclusively. “It comes from personal experience, and is commonly portrayed in movies and books alike so when it happened to me it felt a little uncanny but also wonderful. It’s about the somewhat perplexing feeling of sharing such a compelling mutual warmth with another human in such a small window of time that it leaves you with a feeling of elation.”

“The concept behind behind being ‘higher than the moon’ is a double edged sword in that it’s the brilliant pleasure of being ‘high’ when you’re with a person but inevitably when you have to part ways, it leaves you feeling untethered and alone until the next time the two lives cross path, if there is a next time!” he added.

Make sure to check out the acoustic video for Trove’s “Higher Than the Moon” here, and leave us your reactions to the track below.

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Written by Kristine Hope Kowalski

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