Troye Sivan Throws a “Wild Party” in Honor of New EP Release (@TroyeSivan)

Neon Theory

Troye Sivan had no idea what he was getting himself into when he uploaded his first video to YouTube in September 2007. Over the course of eight years, the Australian singer has a major-label recording contract with EMI Music Australia and 3.9 million subscribers/203 million video views on his YouTube channel. Talk about success.

Troye Sivan began making vlog-type YouTube videos in 2007 and later uploaded original covers of hit singles in 2012. After gaining recognition from major label executives, released his major-label EP, entitled TRXYE, which peaked at number 5 on the Billboard 200. Troye has now blessed us with even more new music releasing his second major-label EP, Wild. The album pre-sale landed him straight to number one in over 40 countries and landed in the number one spot on iTunes, next to Taylor Swift, who admired the young teen. “EP Goals,” Taylor tweeted.

Earlier this month, Troye threw a Wild Party — an album release party for his fans — and CelebSecrets4U scored an invite to check out all the fun and support Wild. Held at the YouTube Sound Space in Los Angeles, a few lucky teens were able to attend the event in-person and participate in an intimate Q&A with Troye himself! As always, Troye was super honest with his fans and shared his excitement about the release of his new album. He answered questions about the writing experience of his album, his “Wild” music video, played a game of “finish the lyrics” and much more. He even spilled that it took a year writing Wild, which is about his personal experiences and life changes he’s made all shared in the lyrics of his music, sort of like a diary.

If you don’t know who Troye is, you might want to start because he is not going anywhere. He is a creative innovator and his music is something everyone can relate to. Wild EP is real, personal, and deep; nothing you hear on the radio.

Written by Kennia Cardenas