TV Land’s “Teachers” Returns with New and Hilarious Antics That Will Have You Laughing All Summer

Make sure to catch the season three premiere TONIGHT, June 5th @ 10:30PM ET/PT on TVLand.

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School might be finally out, but TV Land’s comedy Teachers is returning for Season 3 tonight and it’s definitely one to add to your list of binge-worthy shows to watch this summer! The outrageous elementary educators are back in session with their hilarious antics and ready to conquer a new school year after a much-needed long recess. 

Teachers, played by the Katydids, revolves around a group of six elementary school teachers who are trying to mold the minds of the youngsters but are far from being the ideal role models in this refreshingly relatable comedy.

Last season, Ms. Bennigan’s wish came true when she and Hot Dad finally became an official couple; and Ms. Watson and Principal Pearson began a romantic relationship. The biggest news happened right at the end of season two — Mrs. Adler announced that she’s got a bun in the oven!

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In the season three premiere, Fillmore Elementary’s messiest educators are returning from summer break with an episode filled with surprises, showing that our favorite bad girls haven’t missed a beat! Season 3 kicks off with Mrs. Adler’s baby gender reveal, but let’s just say she isn’t too happy with the news in this comical scene. We then see a hilarious field trip gone wrong as one of the members that’s supposed to be on the bus is… missing!

BFF’s Ms. Snap and Ms. Bennigan go in panic mode searching for the missing person at school, but she’s nowhere to be found. Also looking for the missing person, Mrs. Adler finds a student hiding in the bathroom. After helping the young girl overcome a bodily change that all of us women go through in life, she then feels at ease with her baby’s gender and confident that she’ll actually be a great mother to her baby.

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Aside from tonight’s episode, Season 3 is sure filled with TONS of surprises. From the return of Ryan Hansen and Patricia Belcher as the front office woman to spontaneous episodes like a lice outbreak and even a parody of The Walking Dead, there is no doubt that these teachers are going to A’s this upcoming season,

Katy Colloton who plays the hilarious and pop culture obsessed Ms. Snap, revealed EXCLUSIVELY to Celeb Secrets that several people are taking some steps forward this season. From Ms. Bennigan and Hot Dad taking steps forward to Mrs. Adler giving birth to her baby (but isn’t necessarily the best with children), it also includes Ms. Snap’s superficial character who feels like it’s time to give back in her own way of course!

“This season she’s like doing what she can to improve the world around her. Kind of like the same way Kylie Jenner is improving the world around her,” said Colloton. The improvement even involves Ms. Snap volunteering to give patients makeovers! “She’s trying, but still failing,” she humorously added. 

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The female-driven sitcom, written and starred by the Katydids, is a must-see this summer for it’s extremely relatable and comedy nature where you’ll find yourself laughing away every episode. 

“You know because it’s a chance to really tell stories that women can relate to, women and men but you know, it’s our point of view. It’s our stories, it’s the things we go through, so I love it!,” said Colloton.

Don’t miss the hilarious antics during the season three premiere of Teachers tonight, June 5th @ 10:30PM ET/PT on TV Land.

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