Tyga’s New Album “Gold Album: 18th Dynasty” Released N.ow! Read More Here! @Tyga


Tyga’s surprise release of new album created a lot of  happy and confused fans. Last we all have heard his albums was scheduled for January 27th but then was canceled last minute due to disagreements with his label. Surprised and relieved was how he left his fans June 22nd when his album was released on Spotify. The album itself was executive produced by Kayne West and Mike Dean. It does make us wonder why partner on Tidal Kayne West wouldn’t let him release it on there instead of Spotify. Another interesting fact is the previously release track “40 Mill” featuring Kayne West isnt on the album either. Tyga was full of gratitude to Lil Wayne for his label “Young Money” on the help of the album.

In other news Tyga cant seem to stay away from the tabloids. His continuing “friendship” with underage Kylie Jenner has spurred multiple rumors including a not confirmed pregnancy rumor. They seem to be above all of the endless chatter on their relationship, recently seen having lunch together. Even one of the tracks started an uproar, “Pleazer” is about catching a felony for it, and although we cant print the explicit lyrics i’s definitely jail worthy. Tyga has stated that the song was created years ago back when he was with the mother of his son Blac Chyna. Wanna hear the tracks for yourself? check out the link below to go on Spotify and for everything else keep check here!