Valentine’s Day Diary with Carlson Young and Ashlyne Huff!

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We all know Valentine’s Day is in a few weeks, and everyone has their opinions on the holiday. Some people say it’s “too romantic” for them, while others are all for it! Whether you’re single or not this Valentine’s Day, make sure to make the best of it with the people you truly love! In honor of the holiday, we sat down with many of your favorite stars to hear their take on the day full of love! Today we have exclusive answers from Carlson Young and Ashlyne Huff.

“Valentine’s Day is really relative I think. It only is fun if you have someone to share it with ya know! When I was elementary school, however, it was all about making Valentine cards for everyone in my grade and crafting a mailbox of sorts to set on my desk. I’ve always loved getting mail for some reason!” Ashlyne says. While she’s more on the fun side, Carlson is on the romantic side! “Valentine’s Day is every girl with a boyfriend’s favorite day of the year. It’s a day to be really cliché and romantic.”

Every girl always dreams about the perfect Valentine’s Day date with the guy she absolutely adores. Carlson thinks a romantic one should be low-key! “My favorite Valentine’s Day date I’ve ever had was a few years ago when my boyfriend just cooked this huge dinner and decorated the room in roses for me. It was adorable.Ashlyne tends to agree. “To me, a romantic date is all about the intent. It really has little to do with what we actually do or where we go but more about the creativity to make something special That could mean staying in and ordering me sushi and having a little picnic set up in the living room so we can watch SVU or Monk. To be honest, that’s probably the most romantic thing I could ask for.” You know, since our website is all about secrets we HAD to ask the girls if they have secret valentines this year! Ashlyne kept quiet on her’s but hopes he gets the hint while Carlson told us flat-out who her’s was! Carlson‘s is her boyfriend of 4 years, Rutledge Pate. How sweet!

Be sure to keep checking the site daily up until the big day! We have tons of coverage!

Photos courtesy of Ashlyne Huff & Carlson Young
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