Violet Days Dishes On New Single “Just a Little” – Exclusive

Celeb Secrets has your exclusive inside scoop on this exciting new track.

Violet Days

Swedish pop artist Violet Days – the moniker for singer Lina Hansson, who writes all of the music with her creative partner and  producer Kris Eriksson – just released the vibrant and addictive new single, “Just a Little.” This track is the second song release from a highly-anticipated upcoming EP and an exciting follow-up to the song “Somber” (featuring morgxn), which we were wowed with earlier this year.

To celebrate all that is ahead, Celeb Secrets caught up with the artist to hear all about the song, her musical influences, and more. Catch our exclusive Q & A below.

Celeb Secrets: Can you tell us about your new single, “Just a Little,” and how it all came to be?

Violet Days: We wrote “Just a Little” a few months ago with our good friend Cassandra. We had a long talk about the patterns we all have in relationships and how it is that you want it to hurt just a little to really feel it. It was a very smooth writing process since we all really could relate to the story.

Celeb Secrets: What would be your dream reaction for listeners to have with this track?

Violet Days: I’d hope that they’d instantly hit “repeat.” 😉

Violet Days Just a Little

Celeb Secrets: If listeners discover you for the first time because of this song, what do you hope they take away from it?

Violet Days: I think this song sums up what Violet Days are in a pretty good way, and it’s very honest and true, so I hope that shines through and that they get curious about hearing more.

Celeb Secrets: What part of the process do you love most: recording, performing live, etc.?

Violet Days: I love it all; it’s all different processes. There is nothing is better than performing a song that you wrote, though.

Celeb Secrets: What goes into planning your live performances, and how is the process for you?

Violet Days: We try to work the performances so the audience gets to experience another layer of the songs; a little extra of everything. Currently, we’re working on the visual look and that’s going to be a big part of it.

Celeb Secrets: How do you decide on which outfits you’ll wear when onstage?

Violet Days: I love to play around with outfits a lot and make a fun statement; I’m very passionate about building a visual world in all matters and try to stay on brand as much as I can in clothing, as well.

Celeb Secrets: Can you tell us about your plans for the upcoming EP, and what we can expect to hear on it?

Violet Days: It’s a full story that goes from the first song to the last. It’s inspired by a Swedish comic book from the 60s. We found the characters and decided to have them tell the story of the EP, it’s very dreamy and it’s about the ups and downs of their relationship. There will be a full trailer for the EP that we have small teasers from for all the singles leading up the release of the EP.

Celeb Secrets: Who are some artists you would say have influenced your sound?

Violet Days: Tame impala, The Neighborhood, Beach Boys, and Lorde.

Celeb Secrets: Have you ever gotten any helpful advice from someone in the industry?

Violet Days: To never listen to the people in the music industry too much… haha, and to listen to your gut feeling.

Celeb Secrets: How about supportive words or advice from your family or friends?

Violet Days: To always be myself and believe in my vision.

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Celeb Secrets: Who are some artists that you would love to work within your career, and what would you dream up creating with them?

Violet Days: Kevin Parker from Tame impala would be awesome. I’d love to do a duet with Chris Martin, SIA, and Lorde. I think we could do something pretty cool with Halsey- I love her visuals too.

Celeb Secrets: Would you be able to share your top 3 most-played songs on your playlist at the moment? 

Violet Days: Lord Huron – “When the Night is Over”, Beach House – “Chariot” and Billie Eilish – “Bellyache”

Celeb Secrets: And for Celeb Secrets, would you be able to share a fun secret about yourself not a lot of people know?

Violet Days: I got a piece of iron stuck in my finger that I have no clue how it got there.

Make sure to stream “Just a Little” and more from Violet Days below, and leave us your reactions!

Written by Kristine Hope Kowalski

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