Watch As Long Lost Twins Reunite in the Two-Hour Documentary ‘Twinsters,’ Premiering on Freeform Tonight

Photo credit: Small Package Films, LLC

Just one YouTube click and a Facebook message changed the lives of long lost twins, Anaïs Bordier and Samantha Futerman.

Anaïs Bordier is a French fashion student living in London, and Samanthan Futerman is an American actor living in Los Angeles. These two discovered each other when Anaïs saw a YouTube video of Samantha and noticed she shared her resemblance. Anaïs then found out they were born on the same day and both put up for adoption, so she sent Samantha a Facebook message.

The two-hour documentary Twinsters follows these women along their journey as they meet over Skype for the first time and return to their birthplace to get confirmation they are, in fact, long lost twins, separated by 5,000 miles.

Freeform will premiere the documentary on Saturday, May 7, 2016 at 8:30pm ET, so don’t forget to tune in tonight and watch it!

Check out some clips from the documentary below.

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