WATCH: Brandon Ruth & Sam Huntington Learn Gun Defense from Krav Maga Expert A.J. Draven

Here’s what you need to know if you ever get held up at gunpoint.


What would you do if someone held you up at gunpoint?  Would you try to run?  Comply?  Defend yourself?  Often times just giving the attacker what they want will be your best chance of survival, but if the gunman is attempting to kidnap you or if you feel like the threat is escalating to an active shooting scenario, you may have no choice but to defend yourself.

World renowned Krav Maga expert A.J. Draven worked with Brandon Routh (Legends of Tomorrow, Superman Returns) and Sam Huntington (Being Human, Rosewood) to demonstrate how to properly defend themselves against a basic gun threat from the front using  a two-handed cupping technique.

Draven explains how important it is to understand the distinction when defending against a ‘Gun Threat’ vs. an ‘Active Shooter’ scenario.  “In a gun threat scenario, the attacker generally wants something from you,” says Draven.  “Your money, keys, to take you somewhere, etc…  In an Active Shooter scenario, the gunman is already firing a weapon, and my first options are generally to run, find cover or concealment, and if necessary for survival then figure a plan to attack when the timing is right.”

Learn different Krav Maga moves via A.J. Draven‘s YouTube Channel as he partners with various celebrities and experts teaching powerful and effective techniques that can save your life.

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