WATCH: Cody Saintgnue Talks the Final Season of “Teen Wolf”

The actor and model stops by the studio to talk about his experience on the show.

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Can you believe that the final season of Teen Wolf is already here? It feels like yesterday we were watching the series premiere!

Cast member Cody Saintgnue stopped by the Celeb Secrets studio not too long ago to talk about working on the successful MTV sci-fi drama. For those of you who don’t know, Saintgnue plays Brett Talbot, a character that was introduced in season four that is Liam’s (Dylan Sprayberry) rival lacrosse player from his old high school.

“It was intimidating [to be on Teen Wolf] because I came in mid-season. A lot of the times fans already have their favorite characters, so I was like ‘oh man, we’ll see how he does,'” Saintgnue told us. Luckily for Saintgnue, his character wound up being a fan-favorite, leading into more appearances through the final episodes of season 6.

Working on set of Teen Wolf wasn’t as nerve-wracking as it was for the episodes to air. Cody and Tyler Posey go waaay back and made Cody feel right at home while filming.

“I was friends with Tyler Posey before he even booked Teen Wolf. He was in my first acting class and we were homies. All of a sudden he stopped coming to class and I was like ‘what happened to my friend Tyler?’ They told me that he booked the lead in Teen Wolf, and it just so happened that three years later I ended up on the show,” Cody shared. “He’s such a great leader. He made sure to introduce me to everyone on the cast and everyone is really cool with each other.”


Watch the full interview below and make sure to catch the final episodes of Teen Wolf on Sundays @ 8PM ET/PT on MTV.

Written by Juliet Schroder

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