WATCH: Dana Vaughns Drops Music Video for “Feelings”

The former IM5 band member is getting emotional with his solo debut single.

Dana Vaughns just released his solo debut single and we are so proud of him!

The 19-year-old former IM5 band member is re-introducing himself to the world with an emotional song titled “Feelings.”

“Feelings,” which was written by Dana, is an autobiographical tale of unrequited love. After a phone call with a childhood crush, Dana went to his job at a clothing store at the time, and started humming a melody. Later that day he hit the studio, and unable to shake the earlier conversation wrote and recorded “Feelings” in only two hours.

The realness and authenticity that DANA exudes as an artist is also what inspired the simplistic, poignant video for the track which features DANA singing enveloped by projection mapping, letting the story of the song and his vocal ability shine.

Keep up with Dana by following him on Instagram at @the_one_dana.

Jozie Schroder

Written by Jozie Schroder

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