WATCH: Frankie Grande Dishes on Guest Role on “Henry Danger”

Make sure to watch the first of the two-part episode tonight at 8!


Frankie Grande is heading to Henry Danger tonight and he gave Celeb Secrets the rundown on what to expect!

In the mega two-part episode titled “Live and Dangerous,” Kid Danger (Jace Norman) and Captain Man (Cooper Barnes) have a million dollar prize above their heads to see who can reveal their secret.

Frankini (Grande) lures Henry and Ray into a trap and he uses his battery powered “Frankinibottoms” to control them. He tells them in excitement once his stream goes live, 10 million followers will get to see the heroes’ secret identities.

On his stream, he makes them dance as Goomer watches off camera and can’t help but laugh.

“My favorite part about being on the show was working with the cast,” Frankie told Celeb Secrets. “They are fantastic. We had so much fun; I was literally crying in tears between takes because we were laughing so hard and I just loved being there with everyone.”

During our interview, Frankie dropped a major secret from the episode that you need to look out for. He did all of his own stunts throughout “Live and Dangerous,” meaning that it was actually Frankie flying through the air on set.

“When you see me upside down, that’s really me. It was so fun,” Grande shared.

Check out the full interview below, and make sure to catch part one of “Live and Dangerous” TONIGHT @ 8PM ET/PT on Nickelodeon.

Written by Juliet Schroder

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