WATCH: Jace Norman Talks New ‘Henry Danger’ Animated Series “The Adventures of Kid Danger”

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Jace Norman is adding voice actor to his lists of talents tonight as Henry Danger‘s own animated series is The Adventures of Kid Danger is premiering on Nickelodeon!

The 10-episode series follows the heroic Kid Danger (Norman) and Captain Man (Cooper Barnes) as they embark on brave new adventures — battling bizarre criminals and super villains with their sharp wit and amazing crime-fighting skills.

All your other favorite characters like Schwoz (Michael D. Cohen), Charlotte (Riele Downs), Jasper (Sean Ryan Fox), Piper (Ella Anderson), and Mr. Hart (Jeffrey Nicholas Brown) are in it, too! The show will also reveal brand-new areas of the superheroes’ headquarters for the first time, including the Man Cave tube system, which propels the crime fighters into adventure; and the Man Hanger, filled with crime-fighting vehicles and gadgets used on missions.

“It’s so weird to see myself in animated form,” Jace told Celeb Secrets exclusively. “I’m not playing a character for this. I am myself; it’s my body and my face as a cartoon so it’s absolutely wild.


In the series premiere, “Popcorn Monster,” when Ray and Henry’s cloning experiment to create two identical pieces of popcorn accidentally creates the Popcorn Monster, it’s up to Captain Man and Kid Danger to take it down. Next in “Game of Drones,” Ray says he doesn’t want to enter the Swellview Drone Dash because Dr. Minyak always wins, so Schwoz hatches a plan to shrink Kid Danger and have him pilot his own drone.

Celeb Secrets caught up with Norman last week to talk about the new series, how it was like spending his teen years on Nickelodeon, and what’s next for him now that he launched a new business called Creator Edge Media.

Check out the full interview below and make sure to tune in to The Adventures of Kid Danger tonight, January 19th @ 6:30PM ET/PT on Nickelodeon.

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