WATCH: Michael J. Fox Joins Coldplay For “Back To The Future” Tribute

Michael J. Fox looked like a total rock star as he joined the seven-time Grammy winning band Coldplay for an unforgettable Back To The Future tribute.

On Sunday night (July 17), Fox stole the show at the MetLife Stadium in New Jersey when he made a surprise appearance. Fans of the 80’s flick were more than ecstatic to see the actor perform “Earth Angel” and “Johnny B. Goode” along side lead vocalist Chris Martin. Both of these tracks were featured in the memorable scene at the Enchantment Under the Sea high school dance scene where Marty McFly (Fox) first introduced the rock n’ roll genre to the class of 1955.

If it wasn’t for Chris’ son Moses, this once-in-a-lifetime performance would’ve never happened. During their show, a video message from Moses played on the big screen. In the clip, the boy gushed about how the film was his and his dad’s all-time favorite. In the middle of the performance, Michael J. Fox was then brought on stage for the amazing tribute. He led the band with an intense guitar solo leaving everyone in awe.

Back To The Future just celebrated its 30th anniversary last year.