WATCH: Symon Talks New Single “No Way”

Diana Espir/Celeb Secrets

If you haven’t heard ‘Say’ playing on pop radio this last year, where have you been?

After parting ways with pop/rock trio The New Officials, Symon debuted her solo career with this catchy pop tune. Clearly, we hadn’t heard everything the artist had to say…

The pop songstress’ new single ‘No Way’ is a feminist anthem celebrating freedom but also, having control of your own body.

As the genuine artist she is, Symon reveals, “obviously people love sex, but you want to have it on your own terms… it’s my body, my choice” when explaining what inspired the lyrics of the song. She is a firm believer of knowing someone and what they’re about before getting physically involved. Listen to the song below:

As well as carrying an important message, the track is so good — Shay Mitchell was spotted jamming to it as it way playing on the radio on Snapchat!

Symon‘s sultry vocals are full of assertion and will catch the attention of many. Bursting with energy and a bubbly personality, we are convinced Symon has what it takes to become the next big thing!

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Written by Diana Espir