We the Kings Talks New Album “Somewhere Somehow” – Read the Interview! (@WeTheKings)

we the kingsWe The Kings are back and better than ever with a new album, new tour, and more!

From multiple hit singles to selling out shows on worldwide tours, the pop/rock patrons have taken it to the people that love them the most to make all the big decisions on their new album…the fans!

Going full DIY style on their latest album, Somewhere SomehowWe The Kings are giving fans the power to decide the official single AND video for the record. How can you vote? just cast them via Twitter! From heartfelt ballad “Just Keep Breathing” to the upbeat and catchy pop hit “Art of War,” fans are in charge of which song wins.

To vote on your favorite song off Somewhere Somehow, visit the band’s Facebook page. The power is in your hands!

CelebSecrets4U recently caught up with the band where they talked about Somewhere Somehow going #1 (it beat Beyoncé!) and their upcoming tour this March. Take a read at the Q&A below…

You recently released your new album “Somewhere Somehow” and it is currently number 44 on the billboard charts– that’s amazing! How does that make you guys feel?

WTK: “We feel incredibly accomplished and unbelievably proud of our fans who led us to that spot on the charts!  As most people know, we did this album DIY and only with the funding from ourselves and our fans through IndieGoGo, so to have the most successful WTK album thus far is SOOO AWESOME!!!”

At one point on iTunes, the album reached number 1, beating out Beyonce. You guys have mentioned that if the album went number 1 you would get matching tattoos– has that happened yet? If not, will it still happen? What will the tattoos look like? 

WTK: “A lot of interviewers will ask, “what are your top 5 moments so far as a band?”  To be honest, seeing our album at number 1 on all of iTunes DEFINITELY made it into the top 5.  All of the hard work that went into the making of the album truly paid off just by seeing how everyone reacted to it.  The tattoo is something that we all decided to do in order to show how grateful we are of our fans and their support.  The tattoo will say “Somewhere Somehow” which is the title of the album!  So far 2 of us have the tattoo and the other 3 are getting it as soon as our tattoo artist gets back in town :)”

With this album, you guys decided to engage directly with the fans through Indiegogo. What made you decide to do this?

WTK: “We’ve always been 100% dedicated to our fans and we’ve always had a certain connection with them whether it was through social media or meeting them in person and just hanging out or talking.  Crowd funding sites like IndieGoGo are relatively new so we wanted to try it and see how our fans would respond.  We really just wanted to give the power of music back to the people.”

How did the album name “Somewhere Somehow” come about?

WTK: “This is going to sound ridiculous…but I was in a Yoga class doing restorative Yoga, which is pretty much laying in different positions for 10-15 minutes at a time to relax your body.  I started thinking about the album title and what we could do to make it meaningful, positive, and most importantly it had to start with the letter “S.”  All of our albums ‘technically’ begin with the letter “S”:  #1:  Self-Titled, #2:  Smile Kid, #3:  Sunshine State of Mind…. we even had an EP called: Secret Valentine EP haha… So this album was no exception, we tossed around a few names before landing on ‘Somewhere Somehow’ but nothing really matched the vibe of the album.  So while laying in Yoga I started thinking about words that mean something to me…I’ve always believed that things happen for a reason and that somewhere somehow you’ll eventually find out what that reason is.  That’s where the name came from….music to a lot of people, including myself, is an escape from reality, almost like meditation or something.  You can listen to a song and it can be like time travel, bringing you back to the moment in time when you first heard it.”

Can you tell us anything about your upcoming tour this spring?

WTK: “Much like the album we are doing our upcoming Spring tour DIY without a label and just bringing along bands that we enjoy and think that our fans will enjoy too.  It’s really only the first string of dates that are released now but we’re hoping that every single show completely sells out and that everyone has the most incredible time so far in 2014!”


Photo: We The Kings/Facebook

Written by Juliet Schroder

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