What Did you Miss at Fashion Rocks?

Fashion Rocks 2014


This music and fashion forward packed night was hosted by well known T.V. personality from American Idol Ryan Seacrest in Brooklyn’s Barclays Center, NY. The event was already ensued with promise by the choice of A-listers to perform. Fashion Rocks was an event brought back to CBS and definitely gave us a memorable night, here’s a list of our top 5 most memorable moments at this event.


Justin Bieber Fashion Rocks

1. Justin Bieber strips on stage for advertising of Calvin Klein and gets a very passionate response…all we know is all that working out paid off Biebs!

Jennifer+Lopez Fashion Rocks

2. J-lo’sBooty-ful“‘ performance. This queen has been performing for many years now and still commands presence on stage, during her performance she showed off her amazing body and let us know shes not going anywhere anytime soon.

NIcki Minaj Fashion Rocks

3. Nicki Minaj’s Performance of “Anaconda“. We already knew after the MTV performance to expect a great show and she did not disappoint this song, is still doing well on the charts after being released a few weeks ago. Sir Mix Alot said “Baby Got Back” but Nicki Minaj brought booty back.

Kiss Fashion Rocks 2014

4.Kiss performed “Rock and Roll All Nite “tonight, this was a great moment as well to show Rock hasn’t left in the music industry. It was the ending performance and ended the show with a bang.


Paris+Hilton Fashion

5. Paris Hilton being a presenter was a big memorable moment for us, she also showed up at the Fashion Rocks event, we want to know whats next for Paris.





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